Gitcoin Grants Grantee Portal

Gitcoin Grants Grantee Portal

GG19 Grantee Guides & Resources

GG19 is now Live! Applications remain open on a first come first serve basis!

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This space is updated regularly → Check back for updates → Join the Gitcoin Grants Update Telegram → Access Grantee Marketing Assets → Access our Marketing Runboo

Marketing Assets → Access Grantee Marketing Assets → Access our Marketing Runbook

How to apply

1. Create your project in Builder

2. Apply for a Round

Check you meet the eligibility criteria. Rounds can be found on

🟢 Applying on PGN

For applying to the round, Safe isn't currently supported, so make sure you set up your payout address through a traditional custodial wallet address (make sure it's secure! A hardware wallet is a good option for added safety)

For bridging, you can use our bridge, but FYI other options exist now (cashing out back to mainnet will be faster with others. If you use our bridge, it takes 7 days)


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Gitcoin Grantee Marketing Toolkit
Gitcoin Grantee Marketing Toolkit
Grantee Onboarding Guide: GG19
GG19 Eligibility
Security Documentation (PLEASE REVIEW)
📢 Gitcoin Official Domains & Accounts
PGN Onboarding Guide