📢 Gitcoin Official Domains & Accounts

Don’t trust anything that isn’t on this page. These are the official accounts & domains. If you see something that isn’t on this page, and it looks suspicious, please email support@gitcoin.co.

Official Twitter Accounts



@Gitcoincitizens (@GitcoinFam was linked previously, now replaced)




Official Email Account


support@gitcoin.co (General queries)

Other social media

If there is a social media account not listed below, please contact support@gitcoin.co in case we have missed it. Otherwise, consider that the account is a fake.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/getgitcoin/mycompany/

Lenster: https://lenster.xyz/u/gitcoin

Reddit (not actively monitored or used): https://reddit.com/r/gitcoin

YouTube Gitcoin Transparency (hosts all streamed meetings): https://www.youtube.com/@gitcointransparency

YouTube Gitcoin Media: https://www.youtube.com/@GitcoinMedia

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/gitcoin

Farcaster: @gitcoin


All of Gitcoin’s websites are listed below. We often use subdomains (ex: subdomain.gitcoin.co) to ensure that individuals can distinguish between fraudulent activities. We also commonly use link.gitcoin.co/[word] to shorten URLs.

Gitcoin.co (main website)

store.gitcoin.co (merch store)

WTFisQF.com (website about QF)

daostewards.xyz (Steward ranking website - currently being phased out)

passport.gitcoin.co (Gitcoin Passport)

builder.gitcoin.co (Builder app)

manager.gitcoin.co (Manager app)

explorer.gitcoin.co (Explorer app)

support.gitcoin.co (Knowledge Base/Support)

grants.gitcoin.co (Gitcoin Grants Landing Page)

impact.gitcoin.co (Impact Report)

gov.gitcoin.co (Governance Forum)

community.gitcoin.co (Community Portal)

grants-portal.gitcoin.co (Gitcoin Grants Portal)

gitcoin.co/grants-data (Gitcoin Grants Data Dashboard)




shortlinks we use are: link.gitcoin.co

Note that it’s always a good idea to bookmark safe and trusted sites.