Gitcoin Grants for Donors

Guides and resources to help you donate during GG20

Donate between April 23 - May 7, 2024

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How to donate

NOTE: GG20 is running on Arbitrum.

1. Bridge funds

Bridging docs

📢 Passport protects Gitcoin Grants in the background during GG20

We’re excited to roll out a big evolution to our matching algorithm this round that achieves higher sybil protection with much less user friction. That means you won’t need to verify stamps to donate to GG20.

🛡️Passport’s Model Based Detection Info & FAQ

📢 Earn ARB rewards through the ThankARB GG20 program

ThankARB has partnered with Gitcoin for GG20, supercharging the round through a reward program. Including rewards for sharing curated collections, writing articles about grantees, and more!

Learn more. 

Additional Resources

🛡️Passport’s Model Based Detection