Gitcoin Grants Donor Portal

Gitcoin Grants Donor Portal

Donate between 15-29 November 2023

Guides and resources to help you donate to GG19

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How to donate

1. Refresh/create your Gitcoin Passport

This is a crucial step, as you will need a minimum score of 15 to be eligible for matching. Matching power will proportionally increase for scores between 15 and 25.

ℹ️ Video: Renewing Your Passport

Gitcoin Passport Info <> GG19
Gitcoin Passport Info <> GG19

2. Bridge funds

Two Program Rounds in GG19 are running on PGN, with the third running on Polygon. Community Rounds can choose which network to run on, so make sure you know how to bridge!

 Bridging Docs (PGN & Optimism)

How to Bridge to PGN Walkthrough video (Thanks to Fractal Visions for this great video!)

View the full video walkthrough

Additional Resources