GG20 Co-Marketing Assets

GG20 Co-Marketing Assets

Every Gitcoin Grants round, we co-create assets together with grantees to promote your grants and drive donations. This page has downloadable resources to share to your channels, and links to templates, so you can add your own branding and messages to Gitcoin / GG20 branded marketing assets, this lets your community know you are officially part of the GG20. More assets will be added throughout the round so make sure to keep checking back!

GG20 Brand Assets

Download GG20 Brand Assets (+ GITCOIN logos)

Goal Tracker


Participating in GG20 Animation

Participating in GG20 Graphics

GG20 Twitter Banner




Use the Profile Pic Template

Watch the tutorial (TLDR: upload + drag your own profile pic to the frame, then right click and send to back, and the GG20 details will be shown in front of your pfp)


More co-marketing Assets coming throughout the round.

Reach out to cicici_ci on telegram for support or suggestions.