Zuzalu Q2 Grants for Grantees

GG20 has now ended! Find Grantee Guides & Resources below

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🔵 All OSS Rounds are running on Arbitrum Learn more


Earn ARB rewards through the ThankARB GG20 program

ThankARB has partnered with Gitcoin for GG20, supercharging the round through a reward program. Including rewards for sharing curated collections, hosting twitter spaces, updating KarmaGAP milestones and more! There’s also a dedicated pool of funds for any OSS grantee building on Arbitrum.

Learn more. 

🪪  Passport is running in the background for GG20 We’re excited to roll out a big evolution to our matching algorithm this round that achieves higher sybil protection with much less user friction that means donors won’t need to re-validate their Passport stamps. Learn more

📢 Promotion & Marketing

Quadratic Funding 101

Guide to Promoting Your Project

Marketing Design Package

Share the Donor Portal link with your community to make donor onboarding easy!

🙌 Tips for grant success.

🤔 How does Quadratic Funding work, anyway?


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