Grantee Onboarding Guide: GG19

Grantee Onboarding Guide: GG19

If you are interested in participating in Gitcoin Grants 19, this guide is for you! This Grantee Onboarding Guide shares key information about GG19 and teaches you how to create your grant.

Overview ℹ️

Gitcoin Grants is a quarterly cycle where Gitcoin helps to drive awareness and funding to both Program and Community Rounds. This “hype cycle” generates buzz and excitement, creating opportunities for projects to gain exposure and secure funding. Gitcoin Grants act as a catalyst, attracting contributors, participants, and spectators and offering projects and round operators a unique opportunity to maximize impact, reach diverse audiences, and enhance credibility.


It’s a quarterly initiative run by Gitcoin that empowers everyday believers in web3 to drive funding toward what they believe matters, with the impact of individual donations being magnified by the use of the Quadratic Funding (QF) distribution mechanism. QF was introduced in a paper published in 2018 by Vitalik Buterin, Zoe Hitzig, and Glen Weyl. More information can be found on the Gitcoin website.

About Gitcoin Grants 19 💭

Gitcoin Grants 19 is the 19th seasonal grants round run by Gitcoin.

The dates for the GG19 are November 15 - 29, 2023, and there will be 3 Program Rounds managed by Gitcoin, each with its own Eligibility Criteria and a distinct matching pool:

  • Ethereum Infrastructure
  • Web3 Community & Education
  • Web3 Open Source Software

There will also be a number of Community Rounds managed independently. Stay tuned for more information on these rounds.

Donating + Passport Stamps

It’s a good idea to start onboarding your community to web3 and ensuring they are ready to support your project as soon as possible. People can donate to your project through Explorer. Here is a guide for how to use Explorer.

Important Note: It’s also important that your supporters update their Passport in order to have their donations count toward the QF allocation of matching funds. Passport Stamps expire after 90 days so everyone will need to refresh their passport scores before the Beta Round. Learn more here: What is Gitcoin Passport and How Do I Add Passport Stamps?

Join the Gitcoin Grantee Community

Do you want to meet and collaborate with grantees in your round? You can join the Gitcoin Grants Telegram group here:

Also be on the lookout for round meetups hosted by Gitcoin and the community. Events, resources and current announcements can be found on the Gitcoin Community Hub Grantee Portal.

How to Create Your Grant 🎨-

To participate in a GG19, you will need to create a grant on Grants Stack using Builder.

Grants Stack includes 3 tools: Builder is where project owners create and manage their own projects; Explorer is where projects will apply to participate in a round and where supporters will donate; Manager is where Round Managers and Operators will find the backend round management tools.

Creating and managing your grant in Grants Stack is a two-step process:

  1. Create your grant proposal in Builder at http// If you already have a grant on Builder, be sure it is updated with what you’ve been working on, any challenges you’ve faced and future plans. *Note: Be sure to review the GG19 Eligibility Criteria.
  2. Once the rounds are live on Explorer, apply for the appropriate round based on the round’s Eligibility Criteria. *Note: For the GG19, the application period is starts on October 27th, and applications received by Nov 8th are guaranteed a review before the round. Also, once you’ve applied for a round, you will no longer be able to edit your proposal. Apply here:

If you want to be walked through the grant creation process, here is a:


If you want to read about how to create your grant, here are guides for how to:

How to Promote Your Grant

Promoting your grant is important because the more you promote it, the more individual donors you will attract, and the more funding your project may receive! For a comprehensive guide to promoting your grant, see the Gitcoin Grantee Marketing Runbook & Toolkit.

Here are just a few simple ideas to get your outreach started:

  • 🐦 Post about your project on Twitter (example)
  • 🔈Host or attend a grants round Twitter space. Gitcoin hosts a few during grants rounds!
  • 📣 Share your grant with other communities and people you know. Discords, Slacks, text message groups, all of it. Every donation counts!
  • Check out the Gitcoin Grantee Marketing Toolkit for design templates and step-by-step guidelines.


If you have questions or need support during the Beta Round, the best way to do so is to read Knowledge Base articles and FAQs related to your question.

After reading the articles, if you have any questions, you can email