Gitcoin General Eligibility Criteria

The Gitcoin Grants Program is committed to fostering a vibrant, ethical, and inclusive Open Source Software (OSS) ecosystem. Our comprehensive eligibility criteria are designed to ensure that all participating projects adhere to high standards of ethical conduct, legal compliance, and community values. This framework promotes a respectful and safe environment, encouraging genuine innovation and contributions to the open-source community.

Ethical and Community Standards

  • No Hateful Content:¬†We firmly stand against discrimination and hate speech.
  • Deceiving Users:¬†Prohibited is any content that could harm users or lead to unintended consequences.
  • Falsification:¬†Attempts to falsify contributions, including Sybil attacks or other manipulative practices, are strictly banned.
  • Fraud & Impersonation:¬†Projects must accurately represent their affiliation and intentions to maintain transparency and trust.
  • No Quid Pro Quo & Bribery:¬†Incentives in exchange for donations are disallowed, maintaining the integrity of the contribution process.
  • Advertising Restrictions:¬†Utilizing grants for direct promotional activities or sales is prohibited.
  • Funding Caps:¬†Projects with significant external funding may be reconsidered to ensure equitable distribution of resources.
  • Legal Compliance:¬†Mandatory is the adherence to all applicable laws and regulations for participation.

Open-Source Principles and Project Activity

  • Licensing Requirement
    • Open Source Commitment:Projects must be fully open source, offering "source available" for anyone to fork, modify, and redistribute. Thus, they embody the essence of open-source collaboration.
    • Permissive Licenses: All project repositories must utilize permissive licenses. Projects with non-permissive licenses undergo a manual review to ensure they still meet our open-source standards.
  • Activity Metrics:
    • Projects are expected to demonstrate established and ongoing development activity, indicated by meeting at least three of the following criteria: a first commit more than 90 days prior, a recent commit within the last 30 days, activity on more than 20 days in the last 90 days, and contributions from more than one individual.
    • Projects that only meet two of these criteria will receive a manual review, whereas those failing to meet at least two criteria are deemed ineligible.

This eligibility framework is devised to ensure that the projects we support are aligned with the foundational values of the Gitcoin Grants Program and actively contribute to the growth and integrity of the OSS ecosystem. Projects that violate these guidelines will face disqualification from consideration, underscoring our dedication to maintaining the highest standards of ethical conduct and community engagement.

Projects meeting only 2 of these criteria will undergo manual review; those not meeting at least two are ineligible. This ensures projects are established and actively contributing to the OSS ecosystem.

In addition to these guidelines, each funding round will feature specific eligibility requirements tailored to that segment's unique objectives and needs. This dual-layered approach allows us to maintain a consistent foundation of values across the OSS ecosystem while addressing the distinct characteristics and challenges of different areas within open source development.

Evaluation Process

Our evaluation process combines quantitative measures, such as adherence to open-source licensing and active development indicators, with qualitative assessments, including the project's contribution to the OSS ecosystem, community engagement, and innovation.

GG20 OSS Rounds

The selection of GG20 OSS funding rounds is a strategic effort to address key areas within the Open Source Software (OSS) ecosystem with the potential for substantial impact, innovation, and advancement. These rounds support the ecosystem's diverse needs‚ÄĒfrom nurturing nascent ideas showcased in hackathons to strengthening the foundational protocols that ensure the ecosystem's security and robustness. Each round highlights and supports different facets of OSS development, recognizing the importance of a holistic approach to fostering growth and sustainability.